It’s That Time, Again! Boy Am I Grateful!

I have asthma. No, that’s not why I’m grateful. It is not a fun thing. Extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, make it hard for me to breathe. Too much activity makes it hard for me to breathe. Certain allergens make it hard for me to breathe. Basically, it’s hard for me to breathe. And when it’s allergy related, it gets more severe and almost always winds up in bronchitis.

The doctor put me on some medicines to help. No, that’s not why I’m grateful, either. But they make me shaky. And make my blood pressure rise. And my head throb. They make me agitated. And grouchy. That’s not fun either.

And when it’s allergy related, I can take antihistamines to help. Nope, not so grateful for this either. But I don’t want to sleep through all of fall, winter and spring (the seasons when things I’m allergic to are high).

Oh, and did I mention that the medicines are crazy expensive. Certainly not grateful for that! The one for my nebulizer was $600.00 the last time I had to purchase it.

So, in the fall of 2013, I decided it was time to seek some alternative to these drugs. I started doing tons of research. Of course, as luck would have it, before I’d figured it all out, I got bronchitis. My friend was just learning about essential oils and talked to her friend who was already hooked. Together they came up with some possible solutions for me. They lovingly GAVE me three bottles of oils.

One with eucalyptus. For this, I was grateful!

One with what they called an “allergy blend.” And one with something called Respiratory Blend. For these, I was grateful!

This was my chance to try out my first alternative. So that first night, I rubbed Respiratory Blend on my neck, just under my ears. Then I rubbed the allergy blend down my throat. Finally, I rubbed some eucalyptus on my chest.

I found relief. I was grateful! When I woke during the night, I reapplied all three oils. I didn’t go to bed shaking from a treatment. And I didn’t wake up groggy from an antihistamine. I woke up feeling a little better. And I didn’t take one prescribed drug. Could this be a one night fluke? Or would I have the same results throughout the day and next night? Hmmmm. It was certainly worth trying again. So I did. And the next day, I tried again.

I needed a breathing treatment. So I dumped a couple drops of Eucalyptus right in the nebulizer and topped it off with distilled water. I felt amazing afterward.

I still had the nagging cough. So I continued my research. I wound up finding a homemade concoction for cough to try. It helped. It tasted horrible. But it helped. Watch for details on that in future post.

The essential oils my friend had given me and the homemade concoction for cough were all I took during that bout with bronchitis. And I got over it. I felt better for having avoided the expensive drugs. I wasn’t shaky. I wasn’t grouchy. I wasn’t groggy. I was grateful!

I was also curious. Somebody please tell me more about these essential oils. So my friend introduced me to the company where she’d been ordering her essential oils. We began talking about different oils and what they did. But I was really pretty much already sold. I’d found relief for my respiratory troubles and not had the expenses or side effects of commercial drugs.

It’s been a year now. I still use my those same essential oils (and many more). I’ve only needed to use my Albuteral inhaler on two occasions since I started using the Respiratory Blend and Eucalyptus. For this, I am grateful.

Those 5 oils have changed my life. I am grateful for what the Lord has supplied in the way of a natural remedy. The oils in the trio are so versatile. Watch for future posts of how to use the trio.

For now, my allergies are acting up. So I’m outta here to use my allergy blend, Respiratory Blend and eucalyptus before I get bronchitis. I’m also going to use some Protective Blend since it’s flu season and I don’t want to get that either. I am so grateful to have the blessing of something natural that helps me be able to ward off asthma symptoms without resorting to drugs.

If you’d like more information on any of the blends mentioned here, or any other essential oils, please contact me at


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